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Lillian wanted to watch a movie and we were debating what to watch. Lillian said: "We can watch Aladdin. They said on TV that the whole family will enjoy it!" 

2008-07-05 Wokingham, U.K.

Lisa told Lillian to get dressed. Lillian answered: "Mama! I keep putting on clothes but you keep saying: not good - not good - not good."

2008-04-22 Wokingham, U.K.

During Fasching (Carnival) in Wiesbaden:
Lillian: "Papa, was sind das fuer Maedchen."
Papa: "Das sind Funkenmariechen"
Lillian: "Mama, what are Funky Little Maries?"

2008-02-05 Wiesbaden

Lillian asked: "Mama, when the baby is here where [in the car] is the baby going to sit ?" Lisa said: "In the back seat with you all. You will sit in the middle so you can take care of Ellen and the baby." Lillian replied: "Wow! That's a lot of work."

2007-08-10 On the drive from Albany, NY to Fairfield, CT

Lillian said: "Mama, I saw Caillou flying in an airplane. But just once. Not a million times like we do."

2007-07-19 on a flight from Baltimore to Louisville

Lillian asked: "Papa, what is a headache?" "A headache is when your head really hurts." Lillian was thinking for a moment then she said: "Like when Tante Kina drank too much beer?"

2007-03-19 In the car on A66

Lillian said at 4 in the morning: "Mama, I donít want to sleep. The bed is not snuggly anymore."

2007-01-29 Louisville, KY 4:00AM

Somewhere flying high over the Atlantic ocean Lillian said: "Are we there yet because Iím starving for Nana !!"

2007-01-10 Somewhere over Greenland

Lillian: "Mama, are you and Papa going out tonight?" Lisa: "No, Lillian, Mama is going out with some Ladies." Lillian: "Mama, you can take me - I'm a Lady!!"

10-14-2006 Wiesbaden

Lisa was taking a nap. Lillian: "Mama, can you paint my fingernails?" Lisa: "When I'm ready Lillian!" - Three seconds later!! - Lillian: "Are you ready now?"

08-05-2006 - Victoria, Texas

Lillian was in the bathtub and she said to Lisa, "I don't have a tail like Ariel [the mermaid], I only have legs." So mama asked, "Lillian, are you just a human girl?" and Lillian answered, "Are you kidding?!"

08-01-2006 - Victoria, Texas

In Epcot we saw a little movie about Paris in France. It showed different scenes from Paris. When we left the theater, Lillian said: "Mama, look: it's the Evil tower!"

She meant the Eiffel Tower overlooking the building.

04-22-2006 - Epcot, Orlando, FL

Lillian said: "Papa when I'm big I'm going to have ten babies!"

03-19-2006 - Mexico City

Lillian said: "Mama, I forgot my glasses!" Lisa said: "Lillian, they're on your nose." Lillian said: "Ohh!"

03-10-2006 - Mexico City, on the way to her preschool

Lillian said: "I have to wear my glasses. The doctor said if I don't wear them my eyes break and fall out."

02-26-2006 - somewhere between Valle de Bravo and Toluca, Mexico

Lillian colored a fish with magic ink to reveal it was covered in red spots. Lillian said: "Look Mom, this fish has fried chicken pox!"

01-xx-2006 - Wiesbaden

Lillian said: "Mama, I'd like to go to Disneyland on Monday, Tuesday and Three's-day!"

11-30-2005 - Wiesbaden

Lillian said: "Dora (the Explorer) is so cool. She speaks Spanish, English and German."

12-27-2005 - Louisville, KY

We were driving in the high desert somewhere between Acapulco and Mexico City. The outside temp was somewhere around 95F (35C).  Lillian said: "Mama, isn't it a little bit hot for Christmas?" 

12-13-2005 - somewhere between Acapulco and Mexico City

Lillian said: "I like the Oktoberfest. They (= the ufta band) speak German. Hoi - Hoi - Hoi !!"

12-02-2005 - Mexico City, Mexico

I told Lillian that friends of us are expecting a baby. She asked: "What is the baby - a boy or a girl?" I told her: "I don't know." She said: "Ohh Papa. You look at the babies pee-pee and you know if it is a boy or a girl!"

10-18-2005 - Mexico City, Mexico

Saturday night, Lillian is supposed to go to bed. She says: "Mama, I've an idea: let's go out and have fun!"

10-15-2005 - Mexico City, Mexico

We went to the Zoo in Omaha. It was a really hot day (95F). Lillian said: "Mama, I'm so hooot! - an ice cream would help!"

07-09-2005 - Omaha, NE

Lillian :"Make-up is not for men. It is for women - and for princesses!"

07/08/2005 - Omaha, NE

Lisa: ""Lillian you know that papa is German and mama is American." Lillian replies: "And I'm English".

06/05/2005 - Omaha, NE

On our drive over to Orlando we saw some cows on the side. They were eating grass. Lisa said: "Lillian, look: Cows! They are hungry. They are eating grass. Mama is hungry too." Lillian replied: "Mama, eat grass!"

08/06/2004 - somewhere on I-4 between Tampa and Orlando, FL

While waiting in line at the check-in Lillian looked at a young woman in front of us that had a tattoo on her back. Then she said: "Like mama do!"

07/28/2004 - Tampa International Airport

Lillian pulled up Lisa's shirt and said to the baby: "Hi, I Lillian - wanna go and see Nana and Bucko? Are you sleeping?"

07/28/2004 - Atlanta Airport

Lillian was talking to the baby: "Hi baby - I Lillian - and you're green and yellow."
Lisa has a green belly button ring.

07/08/2004 - St. Petersburg

Lisa said to Lillian: "You're goofy!" Lillian replied: "I'm not goofy - I'm Lillian."

07/07/2004 - St. Petersburg

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